Weird But Awesome Vinyl Record Storage Furniture: The Vinyl Series Part 2

My previous record player stand post and the excellent content from Premier Records ( a website I mentioned in the post) inspired me to take a look at another section of record collecting for my vinyl series: vinyl record storage. This article is part two of the series.

If you ask a vinyl music record aficionado, storing your LP’s on a modern storage cabinet is tantamount to sacrilege. To give your collection the right character, you need something more rustic, and in keeping with the timeless nature of the music they hold, you need vinyl record storage furniture that is out of the ordinary. Okay, so maybe you don’t need it to be out of the ordinary, but it will make your collection just so much more unique. Don’t you think?

I’ve found a selection of 4 somewhat weird but excellent pieces of vinyl record storage furniture to get you started.

Solid Oak Hairpin Legs Vinyl Storage Stand


Unique and even quaint in appearance, this LP organizer and stand is a good addition as any you and you can buy it online. The stand is made of solid mahogany with brass hairpin legs. As a handcrafted piece of furniture, you are guaranteed solidity and fail-safe reliability for a lifetime of use. While this stand is very simple and minimalist in design, it nonetheless incorporates a cabinet for storing the record player and an open-access cabinet for storing your vinyl record collection. The record player’s cabinet takes up the largest space, measuring 29 inches long. It is also 27 inches tall and 15 inches thick. This is more than adequate space to accommodate an average size collection and turntable.

Rustoregon Repurposed Cable Media Center


From the purveyors of repurposed vintage and salvaged goods, Rustoregon has created this unconventionally beautiful vinyl record storage product. It is a repurposed piece of furniture, made almost entirely from the spool reel used for transporting cables. This use of the hewn, unsmoothed wood for the cabinetry is what gives it such a rustic allure. Indeed, even if the makers have carefully applied several layers of paint on the cabinet’s entire surface, the grainy wood beneath, complete with chips and screw head notches are still seen and give’s it a lot of character.

Way Basics Super Storage Record Cube


For the avid collector, there is nothing quite like the ample room for storing all your prized LP’s as is offered by this eclectic solid wood vinyl record storage furniture. Okay, maybe this isn’t the best looking product, but I had to add something like this that offers a lot of storage and functionality.

Even better, the record cubes are versatile enough to provide you means to expand your storage as your collection grows without compromising on its rather unique aesthetics. Just stack the cubes on each other to accommodate all the records in your collection. Each of the wooden cubes is capable of holding up to two dozens of vinyl records at a time. This sort of versatility enables you to put some order to your collection. You could, for instance, place different artists inappropriate cubes or you could sort your collection by year, genre or some other category.

Mapleshade Interlocking Record Shelf


Distinctive for its simplicity and two-tiered design; this modular vinyl record storage cabinet is both fun and functional. Owing to its space-saving credentials, it is ideal for use as a bedside vinyl record cabinet. It also brings a real twist to your LP collection. The top cabinet is joined to the lower one using a metal spindle which can rotate easily with a simple twist. It provides ample storage for a couple of dozen vinyl records, maybe a little more as your needs may be.

Although this list feels to me like a very alternative group of products I wouldn’t be providing you a real value if I didn’t show you Premier Records’ vinyl record storage product guide. 24 Products to choose from are a lot better than just four.