Record Player Stands: The Vinyl Series Part 1

As part of giving this website a new lease on life, I’ve chosen to start a series on the world of record players. As you’ll see with the next 3-5 articles I’m going to publish, vinyl is making a huge comeback and with it, an industry full of competing, supporting and often confusing products. I’ve been doing research into different vinyl record/turntable communities and have found the community to be very tight knit with a combination of beginners and veterans that know just about everything about vinyl.

old vinyl on record stand that is open

Needless to say, I’m still growing in the knowledge of record players myself so I’m very careful with regards to what I publish. I want to be helpful, retain visitors and at the same time not scare anyone away with rookie information. That’s why I got the idea to start the series tackling the topics on turntable and record player stands as shown here. This part of the vinyl industry seems self-explanatory and easy enough for a beginner to write about. What I discovered was a website called that did an insanely detailed feature on the different stands and furniture products available for record collectors. I’ve found it’s best just to check Amazon for all the record player stands.

I might get them to do a feature on SSSB (my website) sometime in the future, but I’m not there yet.

Even with little knowledge, I thought it would be possible to, similar to  Premier Records, write a short review of a few turntable stands alike. Maybe it was a bit easier said than done, but I got through it in one piece.

I wanted to be unique. The website I mentioned seemed to have covered almost every notable products on the market, but they didn’t add all the record player stands I found on YouTube. This is part of the reason I thought it would be easy to start with this topic.

Now it’s safe to warn you before going further that most of these videos are about DIY’ing a turntable stand/media console/cabinet or anything related. I review these furniture creations not on my own knowledge, but mostly on looks and what I think someone who collects vinyl records would like. I’ve realized that although this growing music culture is obviously a lot about the music, a big appeal lies with looks and functionality and the tools you own. This does not only count for record players but furniture products and anything else.

Mid-century Modern Inspired DIY Media Console

This media console really looks great and if I have to be honest, the making of it is not really that hard. This type of turntable design is all the rage on websites like Etsy where I’ve seen tons of sellers promoting similar stands. Here’s a media console on Amazon that I really fancy: Crosley Everett that looks fairly popular as well.

Repurposed File Cart Turntable Stand

Just to show you how easy it really can be, this guy took an old file cart, painted it red and turned it into a record furniture product that you would have paid $200 for. With a little creativity, the journey of record collection can be so much more than just listening to music. It can truly turn into a lifestyle. The sheer amount of YouTube videos and products on the market is surely proof of that.

This short introductory does not do record player stands true justice, but seeing as it’s the first part of my vinyl series I’m hoping you’ll take it for what it is and let this one slide. See you at the next one with more information.