The World Of Music Has Evolved With These Musical Instruments

It’s easy to get used to the same instruments and never consider that there might be a better or at least different way of creating music. With the these newly created musical instruments you’ll push the boundaries of what is normal when it comes to by a musician. You should take a look at the “3 New inventions of advanced technology musical instruments” video. Normally YouTube videos aren’t that entertaining for me, but this one is very informative, and the design is excellent!

MI Guitar

The MI Guitar is a new kind of guitar that is built specifically to make learning engaging a musical device such as the guitar not only easy but very fun. According to the creators only 10% of the United States population can play a musical instrument, but with the MJ Guitar is shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to get starting. It sounds almost too hard to believe, but they’ve made it so easy that I feel inclined to agree with them.

With the MI Guitar, the guitar strings on the front board have been swapped with soft plastic buttons while keeping strings for strumming. The guitar comes with a mobile app that makes displaying chords and songs very easy. The creators want to promote music in almost any location whether on the beach, at home or around a campfire. I’ve listened and enjoyed many beach parties with friends where they play guitar, and everyone sings along. It’s an awesome feeling and moment to experience.

Besides the guitar has a built-in speaker you can also plug in your headphones and play just for yourself.

Fusion Guitar

The second invention is called the Fusion guitar and is a whole other creation on its own. The guitar is very traditional however it has a built-in docking station for an iPhone and a speaker.

Similar to the previous product they make use of smart technology like iPhone apps to teach people music and make it an affordable process. You don’t need additional accessories like an amplifier, speakers or other gear to play, just the fusion guitar.

As for the third invention, I’ll leave it in your hands. If you haven’t already go and watch that video! If you enjoy music or have ever wanted to learn how to play music you need to go and watch it. I can almost guarantee that you’ll like it.