5 Cool Music Band Shirts For Gigs & Everyday Use

If you’re in a band or aspiring to be in one, it goes without saying that you need the right gear. Besides the obvious guitar, mic, drums and whatever else instrument you play, you need at least one good music band shirt. This is nothing less than a short list of a few good shirts I found on my favorite t-shirt store Teespring.com.

The original music band t-shirt

grey music band shirt with black logo

When I got the idea of showing you this cool list of music apparel this shirt was the first one that jumped up almost everywhere. Needless to say, it’s probably the original design. It was plain and simple and written in a lookalike ACDC font to make it neat and rock-and-roll at the same time. If you’re not into short sleeves, you choose to opt for a hoodie, sweatshirt or even sleeveless. Here’s the purchase link.

Let everyone know what you’re up to

teespring apparel in black

I like the font used on the music band shirt and if you want to get noticed this is the shirt to wear. If band members would wear this shirt, I’m not so sure. It could be dressed comically, and that’s probably it’s being advertised as a “funny shirt.” Wouldn’t it be cool if all of the members of your group arrived at a gig wearing one of these hoodies or something similar? Would you wear it or does it have wannabee written all over?

Old guys still rock and can keep on rolling!

I forget to mention that my dad plays guitar for our Church band. This shirt is perfect for him. If I bought it for him, chances are he’ll never want to go to group practice without it. It’s probably not that suitable for Sunday Church, but still kind of cool. It says: “Old guys still Rock! Aged to perfection. Growing old disgracefully. Only vintage on the outside.” You got to laugh at this one. The person that came up with this slogan conducted their due diligence with their market research. I can just imagine a bunch of over 50-year-old men wearing this music band shirt. Since I like this one and think it’s not just me this time I’m going to link out to it. Spoil your dad and get him one of these.

The neutral guitar mic combo

Not every musician likes being flashy and wearing apparel that tells the whole world what they are up to. This piece of clothing is just for them. It’s just a black shirt with a picture of a guitar and mic on it. Perfect for almost any casual occasion and excellent for a laid back jam session.


There’s a lot of black apparel items on my little old list, but you can rest assured it’s always a fresh color to wear. I hope you enjoyed my music band shirt list and you might have noticed that the title says “5” but I only include “4”. What I’d like you to do is send in some of your favorite shirts I could grow the list to 5, 10, 15 or even bigger. Send them to gigs@sweetsongstringband.com.