The Beatles Posters: Iconic Images Of A Time Long Ago

My dad used to love listening to The Beatles. If you don’t know who they are, you’re not doing your musical knowledge any good. You can read up about them on their official Wikipedia page here:¬†

These four band members including¬†John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison took the musical world by storm during their active years which was only between 1960-1970. Their music and influence remained very active even after they decided to call it quits. The Beatles have received numerous music awards and sold almost 800 million copies of their music in a mix between digital and CD or LP’s.

That’s a lot of albums, no wonder there are so many Beatles posters out there. These guys, even though I don’t like some of them because of their weird standpoints on life, are music icons and have probably influenced more of today modern music than anyone could ever realize. When I was a little younger, I didn’t like any of their songs, but as my taste developed and my dad put his favorite Beatles album on I started to enjoy it.

Their songs are catchy, sounds good until even today and it’s almost too hard to believe they created their albums with so few instruments. Before this turns into a history, I wanted to show you some of the cool Beatles posters I found online. I saw most of them at the, so I don’t hope these guys take offense when I show a few of them for you here.

Here are my two favorite ones. The first one is the iconic retro album art. I think it was one of the previous album covers. The colors are super retro. It’s called the pop art Beatles poster.

pop art beatles posters

Number two features the band in front of the American flag. Truth be told these guys were as British as you get, but they had the big United States following.

Just for fun I also added the Abbey Road Beatles poster. Any fan should and would know this image.